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The Girls Basketball Academy, in collaboration with the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, established BC “DEIVĖS” and developed an exclusive basketball program tailored for aspiring Lithuanian young basketball talents. These girls receive training from top-tier basketball and fitness coaches within the state-of-the-art sports facility located in Druskininkai, Lithuania.



This unique basketball program in Lithuania is exclusively crafted for girls, fostering their multifaceted development until the age of 18. It aims to unlock each player’s full potential while providing career opportunities in the basketball industry. With a focus on physical and personal education aligned with NBA standards, individualized training programs, and modern technologies ensure safe and steady progress.



Individual program
Professional Pathways
Emotional Growth
Education Focus


Every month, the girls undergo a physiological assessment, gauging muscle tone, progress, and areas of weakness in their bodies. Based on these assessments, our coaches tailor individualized sports programs to ensure the girls’ safe physical development. Each player follows a customized program designed to mitigate potential injuries and unlock their unique talents and potential.


Our goal is to provide program graduates with pathways to join elite basketball clubs worldwide, including the Lithuanian national and Olympic basketball teams. Additionally, participants will acquire knowledge and opportunities to pursue careers in various aspects of the basketball industry.


Our program places a strong emphasis on the emotional development of the girls. A dedicated specialist oversees the psychological well-being of the players. The team leader resides with the players and closely observes their off-court behavior. Weekly motivational interviews provide a platform for discussions on their overall well-being, aspirations, and personal hurdles.


We prioritize the academic education of our girls, striving for a harmonious balance between their school and training commitments in collaboration with Druskininkai Atgimimo secondary school. All participants are enrolled in a dedicated sports class, where their schedules, assignments, and homework are synchronized with team leaders. Academic progress is jointly supervised by teachers and coaches. Monthly meetings with each girl and their parents review school performance. Scholarships are available to those demonstrating excellence in both academics and training. Furthermore, we ensure that our basketball players have leisure opportunities by organizing monthly cultural excursions or outings during their free time.


Alina Adomaitytė


Alina Adomaitytė is the founder, project manager, and president of the Deivės basketball club. A former professional basketball player, Alina is also a national medalist in four sports (football, boxing, weightlifting, and equestrian). Alina is responsible for the program and development of the basketball academy.

Arnas Argustas


Arnas Argustas is the manager of the BC Deivė team with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of education and sports management. Founder and manager of RKL basketball team SC-Ateitis. Arnas is responsible for the transparent and high-quality work of the club.

Aurimas Andrušaitis


Aurimas Andrušaitis is a professional basketball coach, and an experienced strategist with many years of experience working with basketball teams of various ages. Since 2016, he has been the head coach at the Pakruojis basketball club. Aurimas is responsible for coaching the BC DEIVĖS team.

Tomaž Brinec


Tomaz Brinec is a strength and conditioning coach. A long-time member of the male and female national basketball teams of Slovenia and Serbia, as well as a member of BC Rytas. Current physical training coach of Chinese basketball club KK Dahua Shanghai. Tomaž works using the tensiomyography muscle imbalance method for analyzing the physical conditions of athletes.

First BC “Deivės” generation

Second BC “Deivės” generation

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a second junior Deives team to our esteemed academy. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to nurturing young basketball talent and providing even more opportunities for aspiring athletes to grow and shine on the court. With this new team, we’re doubling our dedication to fostering the next generation of basketball stars and helping them reach their full potential.



Our program operates within the latest state-of-the-art sports facility complex in Druskininkai, Lithuania. This complex, established in 2021, adheres to international Olympic standards and offers a comprehensive array of amenities. It boasts a versatile outdoor sports stadium, an 8-lane swimming pool, a multi-purpose gymnasium, as well as fitness and martial arts facilities. Our girls have full access to all these facilities and leisure areas.

We prioritize the safety and comfort of our participants. They reside in a hotel within the sports complex, ensuring secure living conditions. The complex is under 24-hour security surveillance, guaranteeing the girls’ peace of mind. Additionally, we provide transportation to and from school for our basketball club members.

It’s important to note that all expenses for accommodation, meals, training, and education are covered, making it a cost-free opportunity for the girls and their families.


The choice of “DEIVĖS” is rooted in the rich tapestry of Lithuanian mythology. Goddesses hold an integral place in this lore, embodying values such as strength, self-assurance, and the enduring power of women. We envision our team’s players evolving into true “Goddesses” of the basketball court, embracing these qualities.

Furthermore, goddesses in Lithuanian mythology share a profound connection with the natural world. Austėja, a prominent goddess, governs over bees, vegetation, and the blossoms that bees transform into honey. Bees themselves were revered as sacred laborers of the gods, symbolizing industriousness, unity, and the spirit of teamwork.


To develop and bring up world-class female basketball players. To become a successful role model for future Lithuanian basketball players.


We create and nurture a unique women’s basketball culture. We are growing top-level basketball players who will be an example for Lithuanian and foreign teams and will make the country’s name famous all over the world.




Name: VŠĮ Merginų krepšinio centras
Adress: Santakos g. 11, LT-44279 Kaunas
Code: 306082377
Phone number: +370 682 42187